Forensic Science

The CSI Forensic Whodunit Challenge!


Top CSI Whodunit Challenge Workshops for primary and secondary pupils of all key stages. Events packed with great scientific practical - tailored for the pupils, busy teamwork, role-play and fun! Who did the aggravated burglary at the school last night? The suspects, role-played by pupils, present their alibis. The crime scene is searched by pupils in full SOCO kit of white suits, masks and gloves with fascinating results. A police officer (role-played) guards the scene. Then there is lots of practical work in teams - fingerprints, shoe marks, blood, documents, DNA, chromatograhy, jig-saw fits and digital forensics - with more surprise outcomes. Then there is a role-play trial with pupils (in courtroom attire) as judge, barrister, witness, accuseds, jury and usher. It's partly scripted but not completely so pupils can show their knowledge (it's also very funny). Our events are presented by real forensic scientists with outstanding communication skills. We are a top professional provider with a nine-year track record and consistently excellent feedback. Our activities can accomodate up to 70 pupils and we provide full-day and half-day events throughout the UK.

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