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School Workshops is free to advertise your workshops. You can upload photos, locations and information about your workshop. Schools can contact you by filling in the enquiry form on your information page. Workshop providers must provide a link to from their home page to list their services for free.

Any enquiries received about your workshop will be offered to you at £7 (+VAT) per enquiry. Contact details must not be added to your posting as all enquiries must come through the contact form. Any contact details will be removed before making an advert live. Any enquiries not accepted within 48h will be sent to providers in the same category for £5 (+VAT).

Please read the FAQs before creating your listings. 

Step 2 - Listing Information

You are not allowed to include contact details or a website link within the body of your advert. You will be contacted by schools through our workshop enquiry form.

Workshop providers requiring a free listing must provide a link to from their homepage. This must be the same website page you entered when signing up.

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Step 3 - Images

You can add images to accompany your advert. Images must be in .jpg format and maximum 500kb in size.

The Main Image will be cropped to 116px x 94px. The optimum dimensions for gallery images is 800px x 600px.

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Step 4 - Locations

Choose the locations for your workshop and then scroll to the bottom to continue.

Step 5 - Ages

Choose the ages for your workshop and then scroll to the bottom to continue.


Your advert is being approved and will be live in up to 48 hours.

Your initial post is free and additional posts can be added at £10+VAT per entry from your user area. You must provide a link to from your homepage for your free post to go live (see link to us)

When a school makes an enquiry about your workshop, we will send you an email with outline details. At this point you are able to choose if you would like to pay £5+VAT for this enquiry and generate a booking for your company.

If you choose not to accept the enquiry, it will be offered to all other providers in your category for a £3+VAT fee.

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