Drum Runners


Positive about performance

Drum Runners have run educational interactive music workshops for over 25 years and we support students and staff to create their best performance and work as a team.

Choose from >>

  • Junk Percussion Music Workshops
  • Literacy via Original Songs and songwriting
  • Fun Physical Fitness with Pulse8 (ideal addition to for Sports Days)
  • or Mums on Drums (PTA Fundraisers)

plus Curriculum based lively lessons of >>
| Geometry of Music | Decades and New Futures | Science of Sound | Music Moves |

Ideal for large or small class sizes.
Perfect for outdoors (or indoors).
Add energy, rhythm, culture and eco awareness to school events (classes, fetes, sports days, achievement days, festivals or inset days).

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N.B Real life workshops restricted to approx. 120 mile radius of Bristol to be more Eco friendly. (Online Courses and Resources have no travel restrictions)

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