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Pottery Painting Studio

We are a fun and creative pottery painting studio in Wandsworth, South London.  Pottery painting has been an art form since Ancient Greece and we enthusiastically continue this wonderful creative expression. We love people painting whether young or old and believe that everyone has artistic ability; they just need the encouragement and chance to discover it.

Pottery painting is fun and easy but is also challenging because you are painting a 3D object and the technique to painting pottery is different from ordinary painting.  It is exciting to get the pottery back after the glazing and firing process which makes the colours more vibrant and the surface smooth; quite different to what is seen when painting. Each painted item is unique and will keep forever.

The paint we use is a non-toxic pottery paint, which is totally safe to use.  The glaze we use is unleaded.  All our pottery is totally useable whether it is a plate, tile or any of our other 100 items. 

Pottery is left with us to glaze and fire and ready to collect one week later.

Visit Us

School visits to our studio are very popular as a way to broaden any curriculum project or topic or just for fun. 

Workshops at our studio include:

  • Introduction to painting pottery.
  • Painting a pottery item of your choice.
  • Tour of our glazing and kiln area.
  • Cold drinks for children, hot drinks for the teachers

Our studio is near both Wandsworth and Clapham Common, which provide an ideal place to get some fresh air or have your packed lunch after the painting session.  Packed lunch can also be taken at our studio.


Some examples of how some schools have enjoyed our workshops:

Finton House School Yr6, painted plates with the school’s emblem as a leaver’s memento.

Northcote Lodge School Yr3-Yr6, painted Halloween items as a reward activity with their tutor group.

St Helens Primary School Yr6, painted tea plates for Art Week British artists theme.

Cambridge House Disability Services Yr3-Adults, painted tiles as an activity within their Summer Activity Programme


Visiting You

We can take pottery painting into your classroom. You just need to provide tables, chairs and water! The paint does not stain and washes off surfaces and clothes very easily.

Key Information

Promotes creativity

Useable pottery

Key Stage 1 – 4, Adults, Disability

Groups up to 30

CRB checked

Full Public Liability Insurance



KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


Greater London, Surrey

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