Sam's Safaris offers the chance for people aged 3-103 to have close encounters with exotic animals!  

Founded in 2002 by Helen Duke, the Sam Safaris team has over 20 years combined experience giving educational talks & children's parties all over Yorkshire.

Sam Safaris offers the chance for schools & clubs to get up close & personal with a variety of rare & exotic insects, mammals, reptiles, molluscs & amphibians from around the world.

We can visit schools, Colleges, clubs, fetes and garden parties at your house, in fact almost anywhere!

Students of all ages will find education can be fun.

With Sam Safaris, children's parties are more fun than a box full of monkeys!!

We have a HUGE range of animals! We have over 10 different types of Rodents, many species of Snakes and Lizards, Giant African Snails & Millipeades, Giant Rabbits, Ferrets & Polecats. We also have Birds of Prey and Meerkats, their availablility depends on the location of the event/learning session.

We offer talks to all ages, and also do specialised topics, for example, our rainforrest talk, we explain to the children about deforrestation and the enviroment problems in the rainforrests' all over the world in a way they can remember and also have fun, we also bring in the animals you would find on the rainforrest floor and also up the trees!!

This topic can also be aimed at the Foundation Stage with are Down in the Jungle experience.

Also, we do an Interactive Story Time!

There are two stories available at the moment (more in the future).

Sam's adventures are about Sam meeting different animals.

In "Sam's Camping Adventure" Sam meets a stick insect, frog, rabbit & hedgehog.

In "Sam's Climbing Adventure" Sam meets a stick insect, giant snail, snake & chinchilla.

Each story time takes approx. 40 minutes, depending on the children's interaction.

Additional animals can be shown, time permitting.

And for the older children and students, we can do animal handling sessions that teach the children about the animal, the enviroment is comes from, what it eats, how it lives and then they get the chance to handle them!

SAFARI NEWS! We have recently got 2 new Meerkats! Alexander and Darcey, we expect they will be coming out to talks late 2012, we are having great fun socialising them, and we hope you can see them soon!  

Fully insured, police checked & CRB disclosure.




KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

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