Teacher Training
Opposite Leg are teacher training specialists, drawing directly from extensive classroom experience both primary and secondary.
We provide full and half day teacher training and staff development INSET courses, as well as one to one coaching for teachers in need of a confidence boost.
Our Classroom Presence training runs in numerous teacher training institutions, on PGCE courses and for the National Union of Teachers, turning teachers into performers up and down the country.
We know that many teachers, and teachers in training, are desperate for training in the performance based elements of their profession, and that with a few tips and techniques we can take the stress out of the teaching day.
All of our teacher training courses are available as discrete one to one coaching and mentoring for teachers of any level, particularly helpful for troubleshooting and boosting the skills and confidence of individual staff members.
" The Classroom Presence course gave me a fantastic insight into how to communicate in the classroom, I feel more confident and I can't recommend this course enough. The tutors made sure the course was exciting and fun, I feel totally empowered!" 
Nadia Orgill
Year 3 BA (hons) Education and Religious Studies 
Middlesex University 
Classroom Presence
Classroom presence and behaviour management go hand in hand. 
Our acclaimed classroom presence course gives you the skills and tools you need to be a charismatic, inspiring teacher including voice coaching, body posture and body language, behaviour management,listening and improvisation skills. 
One to one coaching for teachers and troubleshooting sessions available.
We turn teachers into confident performers!
Voice and Body Check-Up
Teaching is a physically exhausting profession; it is vital to have techniques for looking after yourself during a busy school term in order to maximise those qualities that make you an exciting teacher and inspiring classroom presence.
This training course gives you the tools you need to stay on top form.
One to one coaching for teachers available.
Voice Training for Teachers
A teacher's voice is a vital tool. If the pupils can't hear you they're not likely to listen! We offer expert voice training courses for teachers specialising in elocution, breath control and authority.  You take away a set of voice exercises to give you optimum vocal control.
One to one coaching for teachers available.
Interpersonal Communication
Teaching is communication. Communication skills are an essential part of behaviour management and key to successful teaching; our training courses build your confidence, assertiveness, and active listening skills.
One to one coaching for teachers available.



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