Celebrate Shakespeare in your school with an interactive drama-based workshop from As Creatives! available to schools throughout the UK and beyond. Teacher CPD workshops also available. 

Spotlight On Shakespeare

Macbeth takes place over a number of years and across a wide swathe of territory in both Scotland and England – but Scenes from Shakespeare will take your pupils through the entire narrative in as little as an hour! Mixing whole group activity, classic drama exercises, structured improvisation and grappling with the text, students will investigate and re-enact a number of landmark moments in the play. Depending on the time available, these will be drawn from the Final Battle with Norway, the First Encounter with the Weird Sisters, the Death of Duncan, the Ghost at the Feast, the Fate of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s Last Stand.


Shaking Up Shakespeare 

Nick Bottom, one of the amateur actors at the heart of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, is convinced he can do anything – play any role, sing, dance and direct! This sideways look at the play relocates the action to a television studio, where performers, judges, presenters and the audience are readying themselves for a recording of “Athens’ Got Talent”. Mixing structured improvisation with lines from Shakespeare’s text, children will explore some of the major characters (including the lovers, the fairies, the mechanicals and the Athenian court) – and ways that their interactions change and develop as the story goes on. And in longer workshops you’ll be left with an innovative piece of theatre that can be shown to parents, other pupils or the wider community!

This approach can be used to explore a number of Shakespeare’s plays – and for primary schools we would also particularly recommend “CSI: Macbeth”, “Blind Date – a Verona Special” (Romeo and Juliet) and “Desert Island Big Brother” (The Tempest)


Stage Your Own Shakespeare!

One of our professional theatre practitioners will bring our specially abridged "Forty Five Minute Macbeth" and spend a day directing your pupils as they rehearse it. By the end of the day they'll have explored all the characters, mastered the verse and learnt the moves - and we'll also provide you with a list of cheap and/or easy to make costume and prop suggestions. All you'll have to do then is continue rehearsing them (making sure they learn their lines!) until you have a performance fit for an audience!


Snippets of Shakespeare 

It’s unlikely that any of Shakespeare’s actors ever saw full copies of the plays they appeared in, instead using “cue cards” for rehearsals. And this challenging workshop builds on that theatre history. After taking part in drama exercises designed to explore the principal characters of “Romeo and Juliet” (and unlock the power of verse), this unique workshop sees pupils separating into small groups, each given all the information they need (and armed with examples of verse and/or prose), to plan, prepare and perform specified elements of the overall play. The workshop culminates in all the scenes being performed in sequence – with each being peer reviewed by its audience.


Shakespeare's Seven Ages – All the World’s a Stage 

After working as a whole group to explore and dramatise Jacques’ famous speech from “As You Like It”, children are introduced to a simple technique for making Padded Puppets. They then collaborate in smaller groups, each creating seven puppets, one for each Stage of Man – before staging their puppet shows for each other. With younger children we’ll work with simplified versions of Shakespeare’s text – but, whatever their ages, they’ll all be introduced to iambic pentameter in workshops that can (depending on the time available) explore Shakespeare’s life and times, narrative structure, fine motor skills, characterisation and simple puppetry.


Shakespeare for GCSE and A Level

Give your students an insider’s perspective of the play they’re studying, and a chance to shine in their exams, by exploring key scenes and/or themes and/or characters in dramatic detail. Tied to the relevant syllabus, these workshops will be informed by your needs - and the more time you can give us wit your cohort the better!  


The Poetry of Shakespeare

Encourage your pupils to become 21st Century Bards as, after participating in orange of exploratory drama activities, they’re guided through frameworks that allow them to craft their own captivating Shakespearean SoundScape Poems, Personification Poetry, Cinquains or Clerihews! Longer workshops also allow opportunities to give pupils tips of performance techniques. You can choose from Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, or A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Ways into Shakespeare (Teacher CPD workshop / INSET Day)

Supporting you in rising to the challenges of the new curriculum, this highly engaging and experiential workshop, which can be booked as a twilight or half-day or whole-day INSET, explores ways of using Shakespeare to develop pupils’ understanding of text through speculating, hypothesising and exploring ideas. In addition, of course, it will equip you with a range of approaches that can be transferred to any Shakespeare play!



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