Academy Celebration

African Mask Painting Workshop


Our Mask Making Workshop is a unique celebration of African art. Each child decorates their own wooden mask sculpted in the style of the Dan Tribe from Western Africa.

As part of the workshop the children will learn about African art and how most African masks are thought to portray the faces of spirits and gods. The masks are decorated using Geometric patterns with each childs mask having it's own unique appearance.

Each mask has been carefully sculpted from Albesia wood. Grown in community smallholdings, Albesia trees can grow to 70ft within four years of germination and are very sustainable.

Our African Mask Making Workshop can also be offered as a package with an African dance day incorporating our specially choreographed African Mask Dance. In addition to these workshops, we also offer African drumming packages.


Wayland Academy

"Excellent presentation; really good involvement with pupils and staff."

"All pupils and staff enjoyed the workshop, it averag.ed a score of 9.5/10 in the feedback survey"

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