Theatre Workshop celebrates 25 years of touring Primary Schools in the UK.

The Saxon & The Viking workshop is suitable for Ks1 & Ks2.

The experienced facilitator will arrive at your school with a pop-up theatre.  She will be performing short scenes from Saxon & Viking life; 

This fully interactive workshop helps a class at a time to get an understanding of living in the past.

* The pupils will meet a Saxon storyteller who tells the tale of Beowulf.

* The audience will meet a Viking villager who recounts the voyages to these shores & how they would raid the local villagers. She shows them how to use a lucet.

* The pupils will take part in rowing a long boat, with a fearsome Viking in      charge.  Great Fun and packed full of facts.

 Drama based workshop, Saxon life,  Saxon storytelling, Life as a Viking, chronological understanding & creative learning.

Encourages Creative Writing   - Free Teacher's Resource Notes
Duration, a morning or an afternoon
Designed for inspiring a class at a time.

Schools comments:

Top quality Workshop.  Great value for money INSPIRING!!!






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