MyBnk is a financial and enterprise education charity.

Money Twist is our flagship schools programme which arms young people with real life money skills through a series of hands-on workshops. Aimed at 7-18 year olds, the three session programme can be delivered in over two or three visits by our trained experts.

Format: 3x100 minute workshops. Can be delivered over 2-3 separate sessions.

Target Group: 7-18 year olds.

Group Size: 12-30 young people.

The Money Twist workshop is a series of activity based workshops conducted by MyBnk staff covering practical everyday financial matters, ideal as a full day activity, and are also available as double period sessions.

The default half day programme consists of 'My Money' and 'My Choices'. Please let us know if you would prefer an alternative structure instead.

Please let MyBnk know in advance if there is any specific language, numeracy, literacy or special educational needs we should be aware of.

Session Outline for KS2

1. ?My Money: Value & importance of money, where money comes from, personal relationship with money.

2. My Choices: Spending, shopping, prioritising, needs & wants, budgeting, self-reflection.

3. My Future: Planning for the future, saving, earning money, money motivation, and vision based goal-setting.

Session Outline for KS3

1. My Money: History and features of money, forms of payment, currency & exchange rates.

2. My Choices: Budgeting. needs & wants, saving, youth employment and minimum wage.

3. My Future: Interest and the flow of money, types of accounts, including ethical banking.

Session outline for Key Stages 4-5

1. My Money: Tax, payslips, national insurance, government spending, minimum wage, auto enrolment pensions and careers.

2. My Choices: Needs and wants, lifestyle choices, budgeting, household costs, insurance, pensions, investments, risk and saving.

3. My Future: Interest, banking terms, current and savings accounts, flow of money, consumer choice, forms of payment, borrowing, credit and debt.

Resources Required

A large classroom, computer/laptop with sound and a USB connection to play a PowerPoint presentation and AVI files (e.g. Windows Media Player). An interactive whiteboard or projector, a whiteboard/flipchart paper & stand with marker pens.

If you are unsure about the I.T. equipment, please get a host I.T. technician to give us a call and we can double check.


KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


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