Join professional storyteller Vanessa Woolf for a whole-class pirate adventure on the high seas. Discover how to fire a cannon and re-enact the dramatic true story of Edward Teach, AKA Blacbeard.  

When we've finished our sea-faring adventure, the class can gather round for excitingly-told colourful tales from around the world... find out how the parrots got their colours or what happened to Captain Lovely Legs, the worst Pirate in the world!

Your pace, energy and professionalism were excellent! The children were totally absorbed and on-task - J. O’Callaghan, Year 2 teacher, Granton Primary School, Streatham

We can follow up with creating our own pirate stories, either as a class or individually.

Pirate Workshops are suitable for years 1- 4

Vanessa is a full time professional storyteller. Her many appearances include the Southbank Centre, the Golden Hinde, the Mayors Thames Festival, Kensington Palace, the National Geographic Store, the Design Museum as well as countless other museums, galleries, schools and festivals...

The way you used different props to make your story interesting, you were brilliant. We’d love to have you back. The children really enjoyed it – Shafaq Chohan, East Acton Primary School



KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11


Greater London

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