Idle Cans is a graffiti and street art company based in the south of the UK with over 15 years experience within street art culture specialising in traditional graffiti lettering and sign writing, graffiti characters and background sceneries. With 10 years experience of running graffiti and street art workshops for schools, youth centers, hard to reach and learning difficulty groups means we can provide a smooth and successful experience. We are also invited back by our previous clients who wish to run another fun and informative workshop.

With the ability to provide 1 off or up to 6 week workshops ranging from the art of drawing, painting large murals, customising clothing from tee shirts to trainers, stencil making, and exhibiting canvas works which all helps promote a positive message through this artform whilst encouraging confidence, pride, self worth and respect for themselves and all those around them.



KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Pembrokeshire

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