Have a TV Actor work with your students to bring Shakespeare to life!

Engage students and improve learning outcomes with an action packed, fun-filled Shakespeare workshop.

Our unique workshops use current Royal Shakespeare Company Rehearsal Room techniques straight from the West End to breathe life into Shakespeare's text and characters. They leave students inspired, excited and hungry for more.

We use specialized cut down text to allow for maximum on your feet action. Teachers will easily be able to implement our techniques for unlocking Shakespeare's language in their future lessons.

We are passionate about Shakespeare being not only read but experienced and we can easily tailor our Shakespeare workshop to your curriculum needs - whether it's Macbeth's murder, Othello's jealousy or Hamlet's betrayal - we will work with your pupils to bring the stories, characters and themes to life, making it relevant, accessible and exciting.

''The facilitator, a former RSC actress, had a wonderful way with Young People which is backed up by her experience of Shakespeare's text, rigour and ability to thoroughly plan and organise her work.''


Our workshops are led by experienced professionals and expert teachers who are at the forefront of the performing arts and media industries working for Sony music, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and many more which ensures our workshops are current and vocational. You may well have a faciliator you recognize from last night's telly  - which always captures the attention of students (and sometimes even the teachers!)

All our facilitators have not only a passion for their craft but a passion to inspire others which is why our workshops are of the highest quality.
We believe everyone has the right to Be Outspoken.



INSET Teacher Training, KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, East Sussex, Essex, Greater London, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Warwickshire, West Midlands, West Sussex

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