Mosaic is a unique art-form.

Whether on a floor or a roof, a wall or a bench, in a playground or eco-garden, a mosaic makes a definitive statement about a space and ensures a meeting, talking and focal point far into the future.

When children are making mosaics they become strangely quieter, more focused, concentrated…Connecting with the medium of mosaic grabs their attention and they reach an utterly absorbed, more meditative state…

Which is key to unlocking their creativity…

With mosaic making being such a hands-on, kinesthetic medium it can be adapted to any learning style and used as a platform to develop faculties such as self-esteem, self-control and intuition.

Nathalie Vin has experience of working with children of all ages and backgrounds to achieve astonishing results which don’t just beautify the school but reverberate throughout the wider community.

 “I thought the overall project was a great success and it was invaluable having Nathalie’s input and suggestions at the planning stage. The school is  still talking about it and thought it was great to have something positive for their Muslim pupils to identify with, and which would be a lasting legacy in the school.” Julie Levett – Teacher, Sythwood Primary School, Woking

Nathalie takes great pains to work with each child’s individuality to help them identify and extract their own precious parcel of ideas and to make it their own…

This is an invaluable builder of self-confidence.

A wealth of cross-curricular links can be explored eg: PSHE - social skills, teamwork, sharing; Mathematics - area, perimeter, symmetry, shape; Science - materials, recycling; Literacy – descriptions, vocabulary; Health and Safety - use of tools, common sense.

Nathalie keeps theory to a minimum, starting practical work at the earliest stage, and working with each child to pass on knowledge, tips, explanations, new visual perspectives, how to see differently etc..

Each school’s requirement varies according to size, complexity and location of the mosaic. Nathalie visits each site in advance to tailor the project to your precise format, content and objectives and provides a detailed quotation. Projects can range from semi-permanent to permanent.

Workshops can be “one off” – a basic introduction taking a small piece from conception to completion, or over longer periods aiming ultimately towards art made by and situated in the school community. One-off days can be repeated during the year on fun or open days, artweeks or maths fairs.

Mosaics can be around windows or above doors, frescoes on walls or parts of floors. They can be pathways/patterns to guide our feet or a re-make for a feature or statue. Any word or symbol can be transformed - maybe the school name, motto or logo?

As a group, individual student’s work can be assembled to create a larger mosaic, or each can work separately toward a gift to take home. For every workshop, Nathalie provides a resource pack and evaluation form.

Nathalie provides a cost effective tools/equipment package, and materials tailored to your budget. Venetian mosaic tiles, ceramics, broken plates, pebbles, mirrors and other found treasures are either in stock or available to order.




KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Essex, Greater London, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex

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