Staff Training CPD Inset - Why do teenagers today act the way they do?

Wh[y] do the[y] do that?! Moody. Impulsive. Maddening. Rioters?

Knife crime, riots, hoodies and ASBOs are often all we hear about young people these days – but what is really going on in their heads, and how does their world affect their behaviour?

Lee is an expert on the world of young people and “Why Do They Do That?” is his popular teacher / staff training session on understanding young people. Lee’s advice on the worldview and behaviour of young people is a great chance for staff to understand and communicate with young people better than they do already.

The idea is simple. Many teachers simply aren’t trained to understand young people anymore, and those who have been in the job for many years need a refresher as their understanding of students is now out-of-date. Lee draws on his twenty years of experience working with and researching young people to shed much needed light on the workings of a teenage mind!

Better understanding = better behaviour

Better behaviour = better results

Staff benefit enormously from this funny, honest and insightful presentation – a topic that very few people even dare to tackle. No long-winded death-by-powerpoint, but practical tools and insights to help us get the best out of our young people.

“Lee Jackson has helped the staff here to gain a better understanding of how young people see themselves and their world. He has helped us to start developing a vocabulary with which to communicate with our pupils and a clearer understanding of the pressures that young people face and how these affect their ability to relate to peers, adults and the world around them.”
SF, Headteacher, Carr Manor High School

“Thought provoking, enjoyable and very well received by staff. Just what we needed!”
JF, Abbey Grange Academy

“An insightful, thought-provoking and entertaining presentation. All our staff took something away that they could apply to their practice.”
JD, Assistant Headteacher Allerton High School


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