Booking an A-life day is the perfect way to use the sports premium by engaging all pupils and providing your staff with sustainable improvements for delivering quality PE in future lessons. 

A-life Fitness Sessions are designed to give all pupils a full body workout at the same time as reinforcing the key messages of keeping healthy. We provide a fun-packed, non-stop, fast-paced, sweat inducing session that motivates pupils to understand that keeping active is a vital part of staying healthy. Our aim is to encourage children to choose active lifestyles and to help them realise that being active and choosing to participate in exercise can be a lot of fun. For sustainability we also deliver after schools CPD staff training to help build their confidence and to give them fresh ideas for delivering PE (see more below)

EYFS-KS1: Children are taken through a fun, well-paced 30 minutes of active play jungle trails, Olympic activities and short games, combining fitness with numeracy and healthy living facts in a very active and thoroughly enjoyable session.

KS2: A 45 minute circuit fitness session using a mixture of specialist equipment to challenge children’s strength, jumping, balance, fitness, flexibility and coordination in a fun but controlled environment. Exposes them to new forms of exercise with circuits including: boxing, trampolining, push-up hockey, the balance challenge, the gym zone and more.


Staff PE Training CPD (after school £100 extra)

CPD is an essential strand of any school’s provision for their staff and with the increasing demands on schools to provide pupils with opportunities to participate in high quality, sustained periods of physical activity, many staff are looking for new ideas and activities to help them deliver these expectations. A-life training sessions are packed full of games and ideas for teachers. From basic warm up ideas to team games, to skills sessions, our A-life team will provide plenty of activities and ideas to inspire and equip staff as they go back to their classrooms and deliver PE.

As with children, we find the best way for staff to learn and remember the activities is to join in! Our staff training session is practical and staff may want to bring comfy shoes as we ask them to get involved with the games and activities (participation is, of course, not compulsory). Due to the nature of this practical session, we also find that this CPD training soon becomes a team building and staff bonding session as an extra benefit. After the session, we will provide a pack containing all the ideas (and many others) that we covered in the session.


Other Sessions A-life provide in schools

(Please see our promo video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ6_y6AKFfA )

  • Hands-on Healthy Workshop – a 1 hour hands-on session for up to 60 pupils (Nursery-Yr6) that engages and motivates children as they gain new learning and embed existing knowledge on the topic of the human body and keeping healthy. Topics include: the human body, healthy eating, a balanced diet, nutritional values, importance of physical activity, teeth, hygiene, sleep, household safety, alcohol & drugs (Yr5/6 only) and making informed choices.


  • Alcohol & Drug Awareness Workshop – a safe environment for pupils to begin considering this sensitive subject, which many schools and families find difficult to tackle. Our experienced coaches, with hands-on activities and anecdotal stories, will provide a comfortable and relaxed space in which to explore the issues surrounding drugs and alcohol, as well as the associated issues of peer pressure (Yr5-8).


  • Parent Sessions - A-life help parents to carry on the learning at home and give parents the tools they need to change habits for the whole family.

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The A-life Team


Early Years Age 3-5, INSET Teacher Training, KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13


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