The YPPT helps children to boost their resilience and self-confidence, learn to work in a team and to exceed everyone’s expectations (including their own) through large scale, year-long projects in Year Six classes, mostly in disadvantaged areas. Over the course of a project, each child in the class designs and makes their own complex marionette puppet, collaborates with peers on set design and painting, and finally takes an individual role in rehearsals and performances of the show, using the set and the puppets that they have made. The final performances take place on one of the YPPT's world-class stages, courtesy of our sponsors Brilliant Stages, who also build for the likes of Take That and One Direction. Each child has an equal role in the performances, from puppetry to voice acting, scene changing to lighting, sound to stage management, and the level of teamwork that this generates is phenomenal, with particular benefit to those children who would not normally shine in a theatrical production, as they too feel that they have made a vital contribution. The projects have strong links to the National Curriculum; not only do they cover around 90% of the Art and Design curriculum for Year Six, teaching a wide range of artistic skills, but they also have strong links to the humanities, maths and particularly literacy, and we encourage schools to make the most of these. Overall, the projects offer an unusual creative challenge outside the normal primary school experience, with benefits for all the children in a class, but they have a particularly marked effect on those children who are underconfident and who struggle with academic work, as they are given an alternative environment in which to learn and to flourish. This new-found self-confidence is particularly important in their transition to secondary school, and anecdotal evidence from teachers and parents involved in our projects to date indicates that the children's increased self-esteem can affect their academic work for the better as well.

Although our head office is in Hertfordshire, we work with primary schools across the country and are aiming to run projects in 2016-17 in Kent, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire as well as London.


KS2 Age 7-11


Cambridgeshire, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, West Sussex

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