Your students will join Sergeant Tommy Anderson on a workshop they will never forget, as Tommy trains them to be soldiers in order to join the war effort. This workshop will allow the students to discover what life was like for a soldier in World War 1 through a series of engaging activities and interactive elements.

They will undertake a series of exercises which will cover basic training and fitness, Tommy will need to ensure they have what it takes to join the British Army and survive on the Front line. They will get to experience adapted exercises that soldiers taking part in training at the time would have undertaken.  

The participants will then learn all about trench warfare and will have the opportunity to design their own trench layout and ultimately build it... using only their bodies. This section of the workshop combines theatre and performance with historical information. The students will have the opportunity to justify and explain the design decisions of thier trench network to Tommy.  They will have the chance to redesign their trenches and then see if their trench can withstand an enemy attack.

They will learn how to recognise the smell of poisonous gas in our interactive smell challenge, and how to prepare food in the trenches with the limited ingredients that were available.

They will also have the opportunity to investigate some of the items that Tommy took with him to the front line. This will allow them to try on a hypo gas mask, a bayonet and a Brodie helmet. The students will also discover how much all of these items would weigh and have the opportunity to see if they can march with a soldier's full gear.

Then they will have the chance to put the knowledge they have gathered to the test in our interactive game show 'What happened next?' Tommy will be watching to see who has the leadership skills required to be an officer by explaining and justifying their answers to the rest of the group.

Our interactive activity 'Over the Top' will put the students in a British trench and take part in an advance on an enemy position. This activity will encourage the students to question the orders of the military commanders of the time and whether or not they would choose to carry out their orders. It will also demonstrate the sheer bravery of the soldiers and the shocking loss of life.

Finally, the students will be able to question Sergeant Tommy himself to uncover more information about life as a soldier and further their learning and soft skills.

Testimonials for this workshop;

'Wonderfully interactive and informative. Brilliant! Many thanks. Exciting, engaging activities perfectly linked to the curriculum'

Shaw Wood Academy

'Thank you for a truly enjoyable morning. The children talked about it for the rest of the day and I really think your workshop will inspire their literacy work. 
Thanks again.'

Westleigh Methodist Primary School

'Excellent workshop, interactive, educational and fun. Enjoyed by both pupils and staff.'

Halle SHINE Saturday Club



KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11


Cheshire, Cumbria, East Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire

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