A travelling and interactive, theatre and museum to educate and entertain using the words of those who lived through the First World War.

We offer our audiences an alternative perspective of the war - one which does not concentrate on death or Tommies or mud or trenches, but instead on how communities were part of the construction of Remembrance events from 1918.

Our Great War Travelling Museum will take you all to the 1920's; with costumed guides and music leading you back almost 100 years into a cosy space where domestic artefacts of the time can be viewed and handled.

Our education consultant will discuss any specific requirements your school might have. We provide WWI 'activity packs' based on the ages of the children, which will be sent prior to our visit as necessary. If possible we will tailor the event to include specifics of what is being taught at the school about the First World War. Participation is key to the success of the show and children will be encouraged to join in, learn and sing along to songs of the day, and some will be asked to hold placards with facts and figures about the War.

We provide a cross-curricular experience, providing learning of:

  • History - of course - as World War I study is already compulsory for many year groups.
  • English Literature - the War Poets and use of oral histories.
  • Drama - through this both deeply moving and funny account of women on the Home Front.
  • Art and Design - exercises included in the activity packs.

Our event has been described as:
  'Simply told and profoundly moving, illustrated with songs & spectacle
and even humour, it's an ideal show for families with children of
any age' - Chrysee Morrison, local theatre writer.

We are supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund and The Western Front Association. Please get in touch for further information or to discuss your specific requirements.


KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13, KS4 Age 14-16, KS5 Age 16-18


Somerset, Wiltshire

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