Endorsed by and featuring on The Literacy Shed - WW2 Workshop is the best World War Two experience day offered in-school. 2017-2018 has seen a huge increase in popularity, resulting in the whole of the Autumn term being fully booked.

"An engaging, hands-on introduction to life in Britain during WW2!"                 Anna Hopkins, Ben Jonson Primary School.

Welcome to WW2 Workshop, the place where World War Two and the Blitz meets schools across the country. WW2 Workshop consists of a school visit that has been developed in-line with the new 2014 History Curriculum, by a practising Primary School Teacher.

I am the Chief Air Raid Warden of the Nottingham Division, and it is my job to transport the children back to the times of the second world war! I take the children back to 1939 and immerse them in interactive activities that make them feel as though they are living in war-time Britain (on the Home Front). Being a Teacher myself means that this is no simple school visit, where someone turns up dressed up in period dress and the children simply look and listen. The curriculum-led day consists of an enriching and highly engaging scheme of work, where children will be learning a great deal about life in World War Two and how civilians lived through the Blitz, through active learning, active listening, group work, role play and performance.

Feedback from running the workshop has been fantastic. Teachers have commented on how the children had a great day, having a lot of fun and having a truly memorable experience. The learning from the day has proved to be far greater than in any normal history lesson, and this has resulted in the children's writing on the subject being vastly improved. Boys, in particular, have seen their writing quality improve, as they are very knowledgeable and engaged in the topic.


WW2 Workshop is an interactive scheme of work whereby children handle a plethora of artefacts, both genuine and reproduced, to create a hands-on learning experience. The artefacts have been sourced from across Britain and have a combined worth of many hundreds of pounds (the genuine, fully working air raid siren alone is worth over £300).

As well as the handling and investigating of some incredible artefacts, the children will be learning about WW2 in-line with the 2014 curriculum. Being a fully qualified and practising teacher, I am able to create a learning experience that includes active learning, active listening, group work, role play and performance. All learning is fully inclusive and accessible to all children including SEN and EAL children.

The workshop brings WW2 and the Blitz to life, creating a truly memorable learning experience for the children (and teachers). The workshop covers key objectives from the 2014 curriculum and more, going far beyond the minimum requirements.

The service that I provide, that makes me stand out from the people doing 'dress-up' is:

A scheme of work planned, resourced and delivered by a practising teacher.
A professional, reliable service, guaranteed to fulfil your requirements.
Authentic equipment and props that are too expensive for school budgets to warrant purchasing.
A broad knowledge of WW2 History, Air Raid Wardens and the associated artefacts.

All this and much more, makes the day a truly memorable one, and helps embed the learning far better than any normal history lesson! Boys in particular will remember a great amount from the day, and recent feedback has been that their writing has improved considerably as a result of this workshop.



KS1 Age 5-7, KS2 Age 7-11, KS3 Age 11-13


Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, West Midlands

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